Zoombies! Animales de la Muerte

Zoombies! Animales de la Muerte seeks to answer the age old question: “What would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse in a Mexican zoo?”

The answer is a fun and bizarre mix of cute and gruesome, action and strategy. Your job is to prevent the Zoombies (zombified zoo animals) from escaping the zoo. While the basic mechanics are easy to learn, simply draw a path and watch your weapon slice through Zoombies like warm butter, it takes skill and planning to save the friendly animals and complete the Sugar Skull Missions.

• Intuitive Control: Just draw a line onscreen and your weapon follows it!
• Cute and Gruesome: Cartoony characters strike a balance between “Aww, isn’t that cute!” and “AAAHH! Keep it away!”
• Killer Creatures: Battle all manner of Zoombies, each presenting a unique challenge!
• Adorable Animales: Rescue seven types of cuddly, innocent animals, before it’s too late!
• Incredible Upgrades: Spend Pesos on powerful new weapons, tricky special attacks, and cool new outfits!
• Explore the Zoo: Tackle 45 levels, each with a unique mix of Zoombies and Animales to keep you on your toes!
• Challenging Missions: Complete bonus goals during each level to earn extra Pesos!