‘Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny’ Arrives on Android, Coming to iOS in Early January

Here’s something pretty interesting. Long-time mobile game developer Gamevil, who have been a major player in Asian markets for the past decade but really cemented their Western expansion selling games on iOS the past several years, has launched their highly anticipated fifth entry in the Zenonia RPG series on Android’s Google Play marketplace ahead of the iOS App Store. Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny landed at the end of last month and seems to have been quite well-received from the Android gaming community, and quite popular too based on its chart ranking. If you weren’t aware, the Zenonia series originally started as a regular mobile phone title in European and South Korean markets back in 2008, but was subsequently ported to iOS and made its US debut in May of 2009 on the App Store. It was needlessly complex and pretty grind-y, which is typical of KRPGs, but at that time there really was nothing quite as deep as Zenonia available on the iPhone. The game proved popular and has been a key factor in Gamevil’s rise in the mobile marketplace. Since those early days, Gamevil has gone on to develop and publish dozens of titles on iOS, Android and other mobile platforms. Their aggressive switchover to free-to-play models for the majority of their releases has allowed Gamevil games to reach an even larger audience, especially on Android. We’ve often pondered covering Android games here on TouchArcade, but for the most part there are very few Android-exclusive games worth getting excited over and the majority of the other releases are all games that have been out on iOS for weeks and even months already. Zenonia 5 though, with its huge fan base and well-known brand is a pretty significant title to be on Android and not yet be on iOS. Of course I could just be reading too much into this and the reason is simply because the release window approached the holiday season and Gamevil didn’t want to mess with Apple’s approval process and the impending iTunes Christmas shutdown, something you don’t really have to worry about on Google’s shop. Or it could really be for any other reason or just no reason at all. At any rate, if you’re waiting for Zenonia 5 on iOS it should be coming in early January according to Gamevil, and if you’ve got an Android device you can grab it for free right now from the Google Play link below.