‘Tiny Tower’ Gets A Holiday Update

If you’ve been wanting some more holiday cheer in your copy of Tiny Tower [ Free ], now’s a good time to mash the “update” button. Creator NimbleBit got out in front of the Christmas-themed update rush in a big way this yesterday by unleashing a festive Tiny Tower update well in advance of the targeted holiday. The game now boasts a jollier icon, as well as several new features. It’s a list that includes new floors, holiday events, holiday-themed BitBook entires, and a holiday decorated tower. On a scale of 1-10 of Being Pumpedness (TM) about this update, NimbleBit is at an 11, the studio tells us. The feedback has been good so far, and a lot of people are coming back to check out what’s been going on. In fact, two hundred thousand people grabbed this after just a couple of hours of being live. That’s, like, a lot! App Store Link: Tiny Tower , Free (Universal)