The best games for iPhone

If you like to play and you have an iPhone, then you will like to know what are the best games you can enjoy with your smartphone. Apple’s commitment to larger screens, together with the success of the App Store, make this cell phone a great gaming platform. With more than a million applications, the options that give the best games for iPhone are almost unlimited.

Dead Cells

Dark Souls is not available on mobile devices, but Dead Cells is, and that should be good enough for most. «Kill, die, learn, repeat» is the motto of Dead Cells, and comes alive in its frantic 2D combat in which you must learn the enemy patterns to survive.

The progression is not linear, so you can choose a new path depending on your mood or current construction, and while your character dies permanently after each race, the castle also changes, so you will never step on old land again. It’s expensive, but most players would say it’s worth it.