SocialArena is a cool way for friends to play games together

SocialArena is a cool way for friends to play games together when they are face to face by connecting two devices by bluetooth to create a two screen arena. The players will be able to bounce balls and slide discs from one phone to the other to make a fun and unique playing style.

Games contained in the SocialArena app include:

Tentro™ – A hyper fast electro ping-pong style game where you try to get the ball past your opponent while ensuring they don’t score on you. Tentro includes many cool boosters that make the game entertaining and addictive. Tentro is old school gaming with new school technology.

DigitDisc™ – A fun game imitating coin and table games that many of us grew up playing. The goal in DigitDisc is to slide the disc from your screen onto your opponent’s screen and land the disc within the target areas. The first person to clear all 6 targets wins! DiscDigit also has many cool different discs and backgrounds that are sure to keep you entertained!

SocialArena also contains a practice mode to play on a single device but to get the full experience of how the game play is designed we recommend playing two player mode on two iPhones or iPod Touches.

SocialArena also has a mini-game that allows users to unlock one free DigitDisc background and one free Tentro booster if they guess the correct unlock code.

DigitDisc clue: Dive into the depth of the underwater world with this deep blue background!

Tentro clue: A symbol of love, this booster will bring new life into your game!