So You Just Got an iPhone 5… Let’s Get Started

Whether you braved the elements standing in line at an Apple, AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon store or you had the foresight to get up in the middle of the night to preorder your iPhone 5, you definitely need some games for that bad boy. If you’re already a TouchArcade regular, chances are you’ll already know (or own) all the games I’m going to mention here and are very familiar with all the other assorted knowledge I’m going to bust out. This post is for the newbies out there to get them caught up on the last four years of TouchArcade. First off, welcome! TouchArcade is the internet’s largest iOS-specific gaming site, we’ve got a full-time staff of writers that are totally obsessed with the iOS scene and a small army of freelancers dedicated to reviewing every new and/or cool game that crosses their path. At the core of TouchArcade is our community of readers, many of which have taken to our forums to discuss the latest and greatest in iOS stuff. The TouchArcade forums are often sourced on gaming sites all over the internet, and while we try to keep the front page moving fast, the forums are an unstoppable animal of raw iOS game information and discussion. Developers often reveal their games first on our forums, recruit beta testers, and give away promo codes to get free copies. What I’m getting at, is you should register now . Once you’ve got yourself a forum username and password you can use those credentials in the TouchArcade App [ Free ]. The entire app is fueled by both our front page articles as well as all sorts of community interaction. We basically take all of the available TouchArcade data, throw it in a cauldron, stir it up with some other ingredients and wind up with the “hot games” list in the app