‘Micro Miners’ Review – The ‘Miners4k’-inspired Game I Feel Dirty for Loving

Micro Miners [ $0.99 ] feels a bit crude and dirty in more ways than one, and it’s such a better game for it. It’s not just because the game has a “swearing” option for these hard-working miners to vent their frustration, isolation, and violation. I found myself waist-deep in lo-fi, pixelated dirt and several hours of my life gone in a flash. With over 40 lengthy levels, I easily became hooked on the intense, arcade-style digging, with almost every stage introducing some new and exciting twist. Before I explore Micro Miners further, it deserves a quick history lesson. Markus “Notch” Persson, who created the digging and crafting phenomenon known as Minecraft [ $6.99 ] made a little digging game in 2006 called Miners4k . Instead of exploiting these mechanics, Minecraft went the way of Infiniminer ‘s 3D building. This left a fortunate gap for Micro Miners to fill, one that Notch publicly endorsed . Not to crap on Notch (I certainly appreciate his blessings of smaller indies), but Micro Miners is the laser-focused, arcade-style digging game I wish he made instead. That said, there is so much to love in Micro Miners that it could appeal to fans of Minecraft , Dig Dug , Lemmings , and even Where’s My Water [ Free / $0.99 ].