Guess the emoticon for IOS


Guess the emoticon is a guessing game where you will have to decipher a hidden word with a series of emoticons as single track. It is a perfect place to enjoy with family or groups of friends, also it can play individually, and also a good way to exercise the mind, well some of the riddles are really challenging.

Guess the emoticon for IOS is a good idea to think, reason and try to decipher a word hidden based on a set of emoticons which represent it. For example in the picture of this post you can see that a fish and a balloon icons allow to determine the hidden word is “Pez globo”.

In the game guess the emoticon there are several levels of difficulty and to go forward, you will gain coins that will serve to overcome the most complicated words or which is made difficult medium to expose. It has more than 150 levels and weekly content will updating so you never get bored and always you can test your skills with different objectives (notice that the game becomes quite addictive ;))

In case that you do difficult to guess a Word with the emoticons you can use the function to reveal a letter or the of skip directly to move to a new Word. The second option, “Skip”, is indicated when you already tried by all means to guess the word and you could not achieve it.

Without a doubt is fun for all ages and secured! If you want to download the emoticon guess for Android free to follow this link to Google Play Store.

. Weighs 8.6MB and is compatible with all versions of the mobile operating system from 2.3 onwards (tried it in a Galaxy S3, a LG P500 and a Samsung Galaxy S5 with excellent results)