“falling blocks” puzzle game

Arrange blocks falling from the top of the screen into rows so that you can clear the bin. Move the shapes into different directions and rotate them by 90 degrees. When a horizontal line without gaps is formed, it clears, and any blocks above that line shift down. Game Center support to play with your friends (requires iOS 6 and later). Offer a challenge to your friends from within the Game Center to beat your score and track their progress as they struggle to catch up.


Unlimited gameplay
2 modes: Classic and Challenge
Heavy weight – increases the weight of the block, which allows it to push a standing block.
Kindle a fire – burns a unit, fire may spread to neighboring blocks.
Acid burns – turn the unit into acid and burn lower level units.
Liquefaction – the block becomes a liquid that can flow and fill the gaps at the bottom.
Freeze – slows down the speed of the game for a while.
Double points – doubling of the points gained in the game for a limited time.
Mega blast – urgent clearing of blocks obstruction

Price: Free