‘Borderlands’ Mobile Game Outed By Strategy Guide Ad

Surprise! Someone is working on an official Borderlands game for iPhone and iPad, and it should hit later this month. At least, that’s the word on Borderlands Legends from an advertisement discovered for the game in, of all places, the official Borderlands 2 digital strategy guide, according to IGN . The ad notes that Legends has been designed specifically for phones and tablets. As far as what the game is, well … it’s some sort of wave-based action game with a “strategic cover system” and randomized mission content. So, in other words, Legends’ action is basically the opposite of Borderlands’ . On a happier note: it will let you play as the cast of the original game and the ad says there’s tons of guns to collect and levels to be upped. The latter information sounds like the Borderlands we know and love, so we’ll definitely keep our eyes on Legends . [via IGN ]