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“Laptichka” , a brick-breaking game (like Arkanoid or Breakout)

â–ª Retina graphics and diverse sound
â–ª Simple, dynamic and exciting gameplay
â–ª 200 levels combined in four packs, many familiar pictures and images
â–ª 20 different power-ups and bonuses
â–ª 35 multicolored bricks and blocks, including an unique “alive” cell
â–ª 3 types of controls. Full control over movement of the paddle
â–ª 3 difficulty levels
â–ª Fight against The Defenders and Builders forces
â–ª Unique auxiliary gestures. Magnetic field, borders, explosives
â–ª Get up to 3 golden stars per each level!
â–ª Dozens of achievements, a leaderboard
â–ª Twitter, Facebook support

Laptichka also supports unique gestures that make the gameplay more interesting: magnet field, place explosives, limiters and others.

“Noel Gifts” game for iOS

It’s very interesting free puzzle, no analogs in AppStore. Help Santa make out the gifts! He will be so grateful! Time is running out! Gifts should be put in a bag of the same color groups (pairs, triplets, etс), the more groups in one turn removed, the better.

* Gorgeous gameplay for a skilled gamer.
* Integration with the Game Center: Compete with your friends, the world and the universe.
* Passed all the levels? Get more! Only puzzles, only great interest.

Last Match , a simple folk game

Last Match is a simple folk game with some new features. Try to defeat the thoughtful AI!

It’s unique app, no analogs in AppStore.
Two players take any number of matches only from one row in turn. The winner is who leaves one match for the opponent.

– Objectives to complete
– PvP via Game Center
– Four types of the game
– Three special action matches
– Smart AI on a normal mode
– Easy mode
– Retina graphics

Transform your photos very easily into delightful abstract compositions

XnShape analyses your photo and create mosaic of shape.
It is very easy to change settings to create amazing works.

– Simple User Interface
– Several choice of shapes including square, circle, triangle, line, cross, text
– Customize your effect by changing the shadow, rendering type, border size, scaling and more.
– Background color based on palette of the picture
– Change background color based on the color palette of the picture
– Save to camera roll
– Export to PDF vector format
– Share to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vkontakte & Email

Riverboy a great game

Feature Highlights:
* 101 levels
* 66 different characters including normal and transformed
* Players can choose any 4 weapons from a selection of 22
* Earn gold coins and upgrade your weapons
* Advanced AI for battles where each monster robot has different weapons and moves
* Zero can attack 3 times with each of the 4 weapons above and left of the main weapon control
* Many worlds and backgrounds, including snow, rain, hot summer, winter, and the universe
* Advanced particle system with gravity and motion blur
* Vibration feature available on iPhone/iPod touch
* Context sensitive help
* Leaderboards and Achievements