‘Arranger’ Review – A Musical Journey That Shouldn’t Be Missed

How to explain Arranger [ $0.99 ]? It doesn’t quite fit into any bucket I’m familiar with. It’s a mini-game collection, a classic adventure and a music game all rolled into one strange-looking package, each part coming together into a surprisingly cohesive whole. It’s about using the power of music to help people, but also about solving the strangest of problems. It features boss battles that involve shooting brains with musical instruments while emotional defenses try to stop you. It’s quirky, yes, but also immensely loveable. You might think from its screenshots that Arranger is a chaotic mess. In practice, that chaos seems much cleaner. The game has its own logic, visually and experientially, and it hews to it consistently. Still, its look may take some getting used to. Don’t let that stop you; composer Arman Bohn has crafted a weird, wonderful experience that’s only occasionally brought down by reality, and it shouldn’t be missed. Structurally, Arranger is familiar. You, the little yellow arranger fellow, travel from place to place completing quests, collecting items, and fighting bosses. When you’ve defeated enough bosses, you can challenge the final one and win the game