Yokai Dungeon

Yokai Dungeon is a fast-paced Arcade game, whose objective is to run and crush demons, it presents several very colorful scenarios, where you will find mobile objects that you can use to your advantage to crush your opponents and finish them off with a heavy blow to Wall.

The video game is set in Japanese culture, you may be entering a store in the levels or facing one of the great bosses in a final battle, the highlight is that the gameplay is quite fluid and the controls are completely intuitive.

Yokai Dungeon is inspired by retro games, with a pixelated shape. So if you’re from the old school and ever played Bomberman with sparkles from Pengo, it will look very familiar to you.

However, it is a modern title, with an elegant design, small battles and an accessible game for those newcomers to the gamer world or the most experienced players. Download Here.