Juegos de porteros en tu iPhone


Cuando tenemos tiempo libre y nada que hacer, no hay nada mejor que ponerse a jugar a juegos por internet. Hay una gran variedad de juegos, y podremos jugar a todos los que queramos.
A mí personalmente me encantan los juegos de porteros, porque es emocionante disparar y meter la pelota en la portería, por eso mismo debéis de conocer a Crazy Freekick, en este divertido  juego tendremos que mostrar toda nuestra habilidad para conseguir meter todos los goles que queramos. Es muy interesante, cuando consigas cogerle práctica, no pararas de jugar con él ni un momento.
Pero este no es el único juego que hay, también tenemos Free Kick Specialist 4, en este juego tendremos que usar bien la cabeza ya que nos pondrán obstáculos a la hora de meter los goles. Puedes elegir si quieres disparar a la derecha o a la izquierda, también podrás elegir la elevación que deseas pero eso no es todo ya que también podrás controlar la potencia de tu disparo. Una vez que le cojas el truco, no podrán pararte ningún gol.
También contamos con Awesome Soccer, es un juego súper divertido, deberás de pensar bien cuando parar la media rueda para disparar el balón. Si no lo piensas bien se te podrá ir fuera de la portería el gol o lo parará el portero. Eso no podemos permitirlo porque lo que queremos es colar el balón en la portería y conseguir puntos.
Y por último pero no por ello menos importante, contamos con FreeKick. En este juego también podremos modificar la dirección del balón, el ángulo, el desvió y la potencia a la que disparas. Es el más completo de todos los juegos de porteros gratis , porque tiene cuatro opciones para que te salga el mejor disparo. La verdad es que es un juegazo, este y los otros también.
Les invito a que lo prueben y jueguen a ellos.

Zoombies! Animales de la Muerte

Zoombies! Animales de la Muerte seeks to answer the age old question: “What would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse in a Mexican zoo?”

The answer is a fun and bizarre mix of cute and gruesome, action and strategy. Your job is to prevent the Zoombies (zombified zoo animals) from escaping the zoo. While the basic mechanics are easy to learn, simply draw a path and watch your weapon slice through Zoombies like warm butter, it takes skill and planning to save the friendly animals and complete the Sugar Skull Missions.

• Intuitive Control: Just draw a line onscreen and your weapon follows it!
• Cute and Gruesome: Cartoony characters strike a balance between “Aww, isn’t that cute!” and “AAAHH! Keep it away!”
• Killer Creatures: Battle all manner of Zoombies, each presenting a unique challenge!
• Adorable Animales: Rescue seven types of cuddly, innocent animals, before it’s too late!
• Incredible Upgrades: Spend Pesos on powerful new weapons, tricky special attacks, and cool new outfits!
• Explore the Zoo: Tackle 45 levels, each with a unique mix of Zoombies and Animales to keep you on your toes!
• Challenging Missions: Complete bonus goals during each level to earn extra Pesos!

“falling blocks” puzzle game

Arrange blocks falling from the top of the screen into rows so that you can clear the bin. Move the shapes into different directions and rotate them by 90 degrees. When a horizontal line without gaps is formed, it clears, and any blocks above that line shift down. Game Center support to play with your friends (requires iOS 6 and later). Offer a challenge to your friends from within the Game Center to beat your score and track their progress as they struggle to catch up.


Unlimited gameplay
2 modes: Classic and Challenge
Heavy weight – increases the weight of the block, which allows it to push a standing block.
Kindle a fire – burns a unit, fire may spread to neighboring blocks.
Acid burns – turn the unit into acid and burn lower level units.
Liquefaction – the block becomes a liquid that can flow and fill the gaps at the bottom.
Freeze – slows down the speed of the game for a while.
Double points – doubling of the points gained in the game for a limited time.
Mega blast – urgent clearing of blocks obstruction

Price: Free

SocialArena is a cool way for friends to play games together

SocialArena is a cool way for friends to play games together when they are face to face by connecting two devices by bluetooth to create a two screen arena. The players will be able to bounce balls and slide discs from one phone to the other to make a fun and unique playing style.

Games contained in the SocialArena app include:

Tentro™ – A hyper fast electro ping-pong style game where you try to get the ball past your opponent while ensuring they don’t score on you. Tentro includes many cool boosters that make the game entertaining and addictive. Tentro is old school gaming with new school technology.

DigitDisc™ – A fun game imitating coin and table games that many of us grew up playing. The goal in DigitDisc is to slide the disc from your screen onto your opponent’s screen and land the disc within the target areas. The first person to clear all 6 targets wins! DiscDigit also has many cool different discs and backgrounds that are sure to keep you entertained!

SocialArena also contains a practice mode to play on a single device but to get the full experience of how the game play is designed we recommend playing two player mode on two iPhones or iPod Touches.

SocialArena also has a mini-game that allows users to unlock one free DigitDisc background and one free Tentro booster if they guess the correct unlock code.

DigitDisc clue: Dive into the depth of the underwater world with this deep blue background!

Tentro clue: A symbol of love, this booster will bring new life into your game!

“Laptichka” , a brick-breaking game (like Arkanoid or Breakout)

▪ Retina graphics and diverse sound
▪ Simple, dynamic and exciting gameplay
▪ 200 levels combined in four packs, many familiar pictures and images
▪ 20 different power-ups and bonuses
▪ 35 multicolored bricks and blocks, including an unique “alive” cell
▪ 3 types of controls. Full control over movement of the paddle
▪ 3 difficulty levels
▪ Fight against The Defenders and Builders forces
▪ Unique auxiliary gestures. Magnetic field, borders, explosives
▪ Get up to 3 golden stars per each level!
▪ Dozens of achievements, a leaderboard
▪ Twitter, Facebook support

Laptichka also supports unique gestures that make the gameplay more interesting: magnet field, place explosives, limiters and others.